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Last updated on 2015/07/20 22:23
About Us

What started off as a small after hours IT company has now grown into a major online shopping site. Originally the project was designed to help a single mom, Antonia, pay for her children’s private school fees. In 1997 Integral Design Systems (now known as Nivo) was registered as a sole proprietor. Antonia’s dream then was to one day own her own IT Business, with a Master’s degree in Physics and a life-long passion for technology, it made sense. Yet, being a single mother of three carried immense responsibilities and Antonia found herself working full-time jobs, her longest position lasting 7 years as a Senior Revenue Manager and Systems and Statistical Analyst at South African Airways. Her extra-curricular IT work however gained a small popularity amongst neighbours and friends and soon she went from having one customer to a few dozen. It was then in 2006 that a family member approached her about the idea of opening an online business and becoming her own boss. This immediately appealed to her, lining up with her aspirations and going hand-in-hand with her side business but would be an obvious step up. Antonia then did extensive research to see if such a business would be viable and found that there was indeed a gap in the market. She had already fallen in love with the simplicity of online-shopping and strongly believed in the power of such a service orientated concept. It was not without its challenges, but with help from her brother, a computer science expert with over 12 years of experience as a developer, Nivo was born and up and running by 2007.

Nivo redefined the online shopping experience by adding an interactive side, one never before seen in South Africa. We engage with our customers and keep them updated at all times. We encourage all to join in the convenience of online shopping – no queues, no petrol spending, shop any time day and night… The extensive knowledgebase of the internet is at your disposal to research and attain only the best quality products. Our site started off with a few hundred thousand products and has since expanded to over 100,000. If we don’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist! We initially had 10 suppliers; today we have over 70 local distributors and growing. It is almost baffling to think that when Nivo started it was run by one lady. Antonia was even her own driver at the time. Nivo has come a long way since then; we have our own van and have gone from a single courier to 5, no matter where in SA you are, we can reach you. We have also partnered up with all the big brand-names and companies so we can necessitate to your out of warranty repairs & parts swaps as well as facilitate Microsoft deployment and AV equipment installation.

At Nivo, it is our dedication to serving you and your business’ technological needs. Computer, AV & electronic equipment is our lifeblood, and our mission is to produce customized solutions, specified directly for your business. Think of us as a one stop, convenience shop, for companies and individuals alike.

If there’s one thing that we have learned from our customers over the years it’s that they value our reliability and trustworthiness above all. This is why our vision as Nivo Interactive Shopping is to be known throughout South Africa as the most RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY PARTNER to our customers.


  • Create trust and sense of safety

  • Create one stop shop for individuals and companies with huge variety of products in computers, electronics, photography and gadgets

  • Create a fast and responsive site

  • Create filters enabling for fast search for the product you need by functionality, by brand and by product line.

  • Create search functionality that works well and takes you straight to the target. Search by model number and manufacturer code.

  • Rating from well-known review sites

  • Rewards for well written customer reviews

  • Stock watch enables you to receive notification when product stock arrives

  • Alerts for price changes

  • Comprehensive wish lists:

    • Private

    • Public

    • Re-order

    • Shared

  • Ability to modify your orders:

    • Add, remove, and change products.

    • Add comments, change address and special instructions

  • Order tracking and downloadable invoices

  • Automatic shipment tracking available from your order page

  • Have product section which tracks all your historical purchases and enables you to login return within 1 min.

  • Ability to request stock information or pro-forma invoice and track your enquiries

  • Have Mobile Shop where you can save your SIM numbers with friendly names and load data or airtime within only 1 min.